Radikon in Friuli, Italy

Visited Radikon, located in Oslavia in the Friuli wine region, North-Eastern Italy on the border of Slovenia. Radikon is the first and iconic producer in the region who started to make “orange” and natural wine — that is made through extended skin contact from white grapes in 1995. It is the way back to the old and natural wine-making but has become a new trend.

Stanko Radikon started this wine making style, who passed away in 2016. His families have taken over his philosophy and continue to make wines. It is a family-owned winery with small production. High demands and popurality all over the world make Radikon a rare and cult-status wine.

Vineyards of Radikon are located on steep slopes by the family house and winery. They are organically cultivated without herbicides. Soils are "Ponca" that are spread in this region. The views of these beautiful vineyards from the winery are absolutely stunning!

Radikon makes three types of wines: fresher White, Orange and Red. Tasted the wines below at the visit.

(1) ”Fresher” style white: 10-day skin contact, one-year aging in old large casks. Small amount of sulfur added only at the bottling.

● Stlanik 2016: 80% Chardonnay, 20% Friulano

(2) “Orange”: 3-4 months skin contact, 4 years aging in old large casks and 2 years in bottle before release. No sulfur at all.

● Oslavje 2011: 60% Chardonnay, 40% Sauvignon. Aromatic and intense with orange peel and dried apricot.

● Jakot 2011: 100% Friulano. Body and weight

● Ribolla 2011: 100% Ribolla Gialla. Balanced with acidity and confit citrus fruits.

(3) Red wine: 2 months on the skin and 5 years aging in small barriques

● Merlot: pale Ruby color. Elegant with raisons fruits. .

● Pignoli: local grape variety with high tannin. Structured.



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